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What is Dentecom Junior( DJR) all about?

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Well it is an important part of the Dentecom website for patients. DJR is designed especially, for dealing with everything to do with teeth that a young person might want to know about to care for their own dental health.
DJR is also the place that mums and dads can find out about how to care for their children's teeth particularly about babies and toddlers.
There's useful advice about diet, teething problems, when babies cut their teeth, how many do they have at different ages everything from milk teeth to adult teeth.

DJR aims to present the information in a way that interests young people, with helpful advice about caring for your teeth and answering any problems you might have about dental health.

But it's more; DJR can tell you what teeth are made of, what teeth tell us about the food we eat and our lives? The importance of diet to dental health, teeth really aren't as boring as they seem at first!
What about the teeth of other mammals, the teeth of different animals Can tell us a lot about their environment, feeding habits, even the age of an animal can be found out from the shape and number of their teeth!

WHY are teeth so important?

You need healthy strong teeth to eat a varied and nutritious diet. We all know about the importance of eating well.

Healthy teeth mean you don't get toothaches, you don't need fillings and as you grow older your teeth stay in good condition.

Healthy strong teeth make you feel more confident about yourself when you talk and eat, it's a good feeling, in fact it really makes you feel like smiling!

Make sure you take care of your teeth there are lots of good reasons you should.